Saturday, January 5, 2013


Has it really been this long?  So much has happened, I don't even know where to start, so I guess I will just throw out some random updates.  Fall was busy as far as weddings were concerned.  Someone (I'm not mentioning any names...ahem ME) got a job.  Don't get me wrong, I miss spending all day at the school volunteering, but it's helping pay bills.  If you ever need a P.I., forensic consultant, training in various crime scene methods, or someone to review a crime scene...the people I work for have you covered, and I'll answer the phone.
If that wasn't enough, kids keep us busy.  On top of me picking and dropping off my kids at 3 different schools, I've been picking up 3 kids extra and going to a 4th school.  It's hectic and I hate all the driving, but it's helping out a friend.  I've been taking my uncle to daily radiation treatments at the cancer center on top of his normal doctors appts. as well.  Happy to say his voice is coming back a bit.
Winter break was a bit more frustrating than I would have liked.  Poor Bean had it rough.  Right before school ended she came down with a mild case of chicken pox...I say mild because she's already had it and the shot before.  She scratched one and it turned into a staph infection.  So after almost completing the antibiotics, her little body decided to have a severe allergic reaction and she was covered head to toe in an ugly looking rash.  Thankfully it's faded a bit and should be completely gone before school starts.   Now her gums are hurting where she has a molar coming through.

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Mel said...

you are a good Niece Jenny, Uncle billy is lucky to have you so close to him. i love you, mel