Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Watch yourself when you go to the restroom in a public place

You never know what is going to happen.
Yesterday I went to visit uncle Billy at the nursing home. 
Emily and Jack went along for the ride and to talk to him while I went to talk to social worker.
I had to pee first.
So I found the restroom.
Heard the door open.
Light went out.
Door shuts.
Light was still out.
My heart is racing. 
I yell hello??
But no answer.
I have visions of being strangled by wheelchair straps and my body being found by Emily.
Lets face it...scary movies put all sorts of thoughts into ones mind.
So, since it is pitch dark, I pull out my piece of crap phone and use what little light it puts out and try to find the light switch.
All the while, I'm hoping no one is going to reach out and grab me.
I find the light switch and turn around to wash my hands
I scream bloody murder.
Emily is just standing there.
Not saying anything.
3 people came running in the restroom to see if I was ok.
I choke out "I am fine"
and listen to Emily laughing hysterically.
She thought it was funny.
I was just glad I got to pee in the toilet, or I'm pretty certain I would have peed myself.
We walk out, her still laughing. 
And another nurse comes up
Are you sure you are ok? 
She definitely gets her sense of humor from me.
Paybacks come when you least expect though.

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Kristin said...

As someone who wasn't the target of said prank, I have to admit I laughed.